Be in Health, Georgia

Be in Health, Georgia

Monday, November 14, 2016

World Religions Conference Fosters Conversation among Faiths


A wholeness organization based in Thomaston, Georgia, Be in Health focuses on faith-based and scriptural healing principles while establishing a path for God’s way on earth for future generations. Be in Health maintains an assortment of conferences that offer insight into healing and wholeness based on biblical teachings. In December 2016, it will host the World Religions Specialty Conference.

The World Religions conference is designed to foster productive conversations with followers of different religions through knowledge and understanding. Presented by Henry Wright, it draws upon years of research and ministry experience to guide participants on how to converse and reason with religious groups that differ from Christianity as defined by the Bible. In addition to these topics, participants will receive information about how broken connections can lead to disease and how to strengthen their relationships with God, others, and themselves.

Although free to attend, participants must reserve their spots in advance. Attendees may also contribute toward the freewill offering. The one-day conference will include a noon lunch break, and will take place at the Hope of the Generations Church on December 10, 2016.

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