Be in Health, Georgia

Be in Health, Georgia

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

About Be in Health

Be in Health approaches healing and disease prevention using a combination of scriptural teachings and observable medical sciences and operates with a focus on offering insight to the spiritual roots of disease. Be in Health delivers its services throughout Georgia and beyond through nationwide networks, training programs, and communities.

The organization offers a wide range of services from principles teaching programs and training courses to conferences and personal growth groups. Its core programs consist of the For My Life and the Walk Out Workshop (WOW) programs, designed to work as a pair by engaging participants in teaching principles and providing guidance on applying them to everyday life. Conferences target a diverse audience that includes married couples and individuals with various health concerns, and many are delivered at no cost through an online platform.

Be in Health also manages the Overcomers' Community, an online group structured to help members overcome health and personal concerns. Members receive access to an interactive member’s forum, weekly continuing education opportunities, discounts on resource purchases, and exclusive videoconferences hosted by Dr. Henry Wright and forum. In addition, members may watch an annual viewing of the For My Life Program.